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Brianne was able to put me on a regimen of needling and stretching that has helped my knees feel like new. I can't thank her enough for helping out and teaching me there is more than just lifting that is needed to achieve my goals."

Juan R.

​I have seen Brianne for about 18 months. She has done routine maintenance on me as well as addressing minor injuries I have had. It has helped with my mobility as well as pain."

Craig H.

I had read about the technique of dry needling and was excited to learn there was someone at my box that was certified to treat through dry needling. I scheduled an appointment with Brianne. She was very good at explaining what she was doing while treating me. My mobility has improved tremendously and as a result, I have pr'd most of my Olympic lifts.

Julie G.

After a session for of dry needling, my pain was lessened and I experienced an increase in mobility and range of motion almost immediately! Brianne is skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. I'd recommend her to anyone!

Andrea K.

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