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Lifting for Life

OH squat 2

To be able to function in this world, we all need to be able to lift things, both from the ground and overhead, and a multitude of different weights, shapes, and sizes.  The only way to maintain this ability long term is by doing activities that involve lifting.

Many people are afraid of lifting weights, CrossFit, or functional fitness gyms, but there is no reason to be afraid of them.  With the proper coaching for proper technique and scaling appropriately, most injuries can be avoided.   Unfortunately, like any profession, there are some very bad coaches out there that don’t know how to do either properly.  Improper instruction of technique sets  you up for both failure and injury.  If not scaling the weights appropriately, the workout either becomes too difficult, causing you to compromise with poor technique, or too easy, which does not promote any strength gains.  Lifting weights can be fun and empowering when done safely!  If you are looking for a new gym, make sure you visit multiple places to ensure you get proper coaching.

Like any exercise or sport, injuries and pain can still happen even with the perfect technique due to overuse of muscles.  If caught early, most are quick and easy to get treated by a physical therapist.  Don’t modify or scale your workouts forever because you start feeling pain.  Schedule an appointment today to address the pain you are feeling with your workout and get back to the top of your game!

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