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Compensating? STOP!

Shoulder Pain

Do you ever find yourself leaning to the side in order to be able to reach your arm up to grab something?  Or starting to limp when you are walking to avoid putting a joint in a certain position?  Or contorting your body when exercising to avoid pain and/or finish a movement?  STOP!!!

Our bodies will naturally find easier way to accomplish a task, whether right or wrong, especially when trying to avoid pain.  The problem is, every time your body moves in a way it was not biomechanically intended to move, other muscles or joints work in ways they should not have to.  Because of this, not only do you have pain from the original injury or problem area, but you also develop compensation injuries.  This puts you in a downward spiral of injury after injury.

Before this happens, decide to take care of yourself and fix yourself.  This can simply be doing some mobility work on a consistent basis to keep everything moving as it was intended.  But if you are unable to get it to resolve on your own, you need professional help to treat it.  That is where physical therapists come in.  We are trained to find the cause of the problem and treat it, not just treat the symptoms that you are experiencing.

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