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Ankle restrictions


To continue on with my education on why you may be having getting into a full depth squat for squats, cleans, and snatches:

It could be due to ankle dorsiflexion restrictions.  A great way to test if ankle dorsiflexion is the issue is to do a squat with feet shoulder width apart on level ground and then place your heels on a small weight plate and perform a squat again. If you cannot get to full depth without the plate, but are able to get to full depth with the weight plate, ankle dorsiflexion restrictions are likely an issue for your squat depth.  To improve ankle mobilty, it requires both stretching of your posterior chain (hamstrings and calves), as well as mobilizing your ankle.  You can easily self mobilize to improve your ankle dorsiflexion with this great technique by Dr. Debell.

Self Ankle Joint Mobilization

If you stretch and mobilize and notice improvements, but still not able to get into full depth, contact me to schedule an appointment for a full assessment on other issues that may be affecting your squat depth.

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