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Thoracic Mobility

Do you find it difficult to get your arms overhead, especially for snatches and overhead squats?  Rather than addressing shoulder mobility, try addressing your thoracic mobility.  If your thoracic spine does not have proper thoracic extension you will always struggle to get your arms overhead enough to stabilize a snatch or overhead squat.

There are many ways to mobilize your thoracic spine.  Here are a couple that I use frequently, but here are a multitude of others I also use.


The BEST Thoracic Mobility Routine

Bretzel Bretzel stretch (by Gray Cook, Functional Movement Systems):  hold your top leg with your bottom hand and bottom ankle with top hand; take a deep breath in, as you breath out try to rotate your top shoulder to the floor.  Do 5 deep breaths on each side 3-4x.

If you want more great ideas on thoracic mobility or feel you need more specialized/professional treatment, contact me at or 602-206-0533.

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