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Transferring Gym to Life

Lifting child

If you are a CrossFitter or Olympic lifter, I am sure you have heard many negative comments from friends and family.  Does any of this sound familiar?  “You are just going to get injured.”  “CrossFit leads to injuries.”  “That is a waste of time and not useful.”  I am not going to delve into all the injury comments that we here as that has been negated in many ways on other blogs.  I am going to show you how CrossFit and Olympic lifts transfer into life activities.

Life ActivityLift
Putting salt in water softenerDeadlift and hang clean, or just a clean
Picking up large bag of dog foodDeadlift
Putting suitcase into overhead binClean, possible shoulder to overhead depending on your height
Putting box on top shelf in closetClean and shoulder to overhead
Carrying groceriesDeadlift to Farmer’s carry
Carrying a ladderShoulder carry
Standing up from a chair or toiletSquats
Picking up your childMed ball or keg clean
Pushing heavy shopping cartSled push

And the list can go on and on.

Now, here is the important part, so listen up!  Many people get injured at home with these simple tasks because they don’t follow the same rules at home with menial tasks that they do with their heavy lifts at the gym.  Whether you are kneeling/bending down to untie your child’s shoe or to pick up a 75 pound box, the mechanics of your movement should not change.  It is important you continue to keep your back flat and weight on your heels, just like you would if you were at the gym and doing a deadlift or a clean.  If you need to get onto your toes when kneeling down to do the task at hand, shift your weight back to your heels before standing up.  You would never think of doing a squat with weight while standing on your toes, so why do it without weight?  Think about it!

Email me or leave a comment on this post for any questions you may have about body mechanics with daily activities.

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