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Agility and Balance


Agility and balance…two very important components that we tend to take for granted and don’t work on often enough.  Yes, these are important when it comes to sports that involve cutting, quick stops, or quick movements, but they are also important in our every day lives.

What would happen if you were crossing the street and a distracted driver didn’t see you and was coming directly toward you…no signs of slowing down?  Most likely, you would have to quickly jump/dive out of the way in order to avoid being hit by the vehicle.  How quickly and safely do you feel you could do that?  There is a huge agility component that plays into that quick movement.  (And, yes, there is an art to falling that Parkour does a great job at teaching.)

Or what if you were out for a jog and stepped on an uneven sidewalk, not realizing it was uneven before you stepped?  Would your balance reactions hold up to protect a sprained ankle and/or prevent a fall?

If you aren’t certain that you could safely do these things, you may want to start working on your agility and balance.  Email me at for some ideas on how to train these areas.

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