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Fascia…what is it and why should I care?


Fascia…you may or may not have heard the word before.  Either way, it is very important to how your body functions and moves.  Simply put, fascia surrounds and connects everything together.  You know that white film that is found on chicken breast when you open the package?  That is fascia.  When fascia moves well, your body moves well.  When fascia is restricted for any reason, it can cause many problems, even away from the area.

For example, I had a patient several years ago that presented with back pain.  During the evaluation, it was found she had a large incision with a large amount of scar tissue on her abdomen from a surgery 40 years prior.  During the entire span that I saw her, I never worked on her back.  I worked on the scar tissue that was causing fascial restrictions.  By the time she was finished with therapy, she was pain free and was moving normal again.

If you are experiencing pain somewhere in your body, it is very possible that a previous surgery or injury is contributing and/or causing that pain.  A physical therapist can assist you in determining where your pain is coming from and address the fascial restriction accordingly, if necessary.

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