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Motor Planning


Do you find it difficult to correct faults in your lifting mechanics?  Are you unable to perform a skill properly that you feel you should be able to perform?  If you have the proper strength for the activity you are trying to perform, it may come down to a motor planning issue.

Think about this…if you hopped on a bike after not riding a bike for 5 years, my guess is that you would be able to start riding immediately.  This is motor planning.  You learned it when you were young and that motor pattern has stuck with you.  But, it wasn’t like you could just get on a bike when you were 3 years old and start to ride.  It took practice to learn your balance point and figure out how to hold your body.

Fast forward to today.  Unless you started doing Olympic lifting when you were growing up or were a gymnast, you cannot expect your skills to be great.  It may take months of progression and skill work to be able to perform a skill properly and possibly years of continual progression and skill work to be able to perform it effectively and efficiently.

So, don’t get frustrated when you have difficulty with a skill…even if you have been working on it for years.  With continual work, you motor planning will pull through!

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