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Shoulder Pain

Lifting child

Do you feel a pinch in your shoulder when you reach overhead, causing you difficulty with household tasks or your job?  Are you unable to complete your workout or need to modify your workouts due to pain in your shoulder?  Are you fearful of lifting your child/grandchild, feeling you may drop him/her?

Are you living on pain medication to avoid the pain?  Have you been told injections or surgery is your only option?  I have great news for you!  There are more natural options available.

Many times, shoulder pain is caused by poor postural awareness causing poor biomechanics in the shoulder.  If the mechanics are not proper in the shoulder, muscles are required to work differently than they should have to, causing some to tighten up and some to shut down.

If you can restore your mechanics in your shoulder, the pain frequently resolves, allowing you to perform your prior activities PAIN FREE!  We can help you do just that with a combination of hands on work, exercises to re-train, and education on how to avoid in the future.

Click here to find out how.

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