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Ladies Footwear


There are a lot of mixed views on proper footwear these days.  Some “experts” say barefoot or shoes as flat as possible (since we obviously can’t go barefoot everywhere during our day) are best.  Other “experts” will say supportive shoes, such as running shoes or purchasing arch supports for non-supportive shoes, are better.  Regardless on your stand on either of these, most physical therapists and chiropractors will tell you that high heeled shoes are terrible for you.

Your foot is made to support you on your heel and toe, with a good stable arch in the middle.  When wearing heels, our weight is shifted to the front of our feet, with the end of our long bones of our foot taking most of the weight.  Over time, this can wear down the bones and cause joint issues in your feet.

The change of foot position also changes the mechanics of your hips, knees, ankles, and feet when you walk.  The more you walk with subpar mechanics, the higher your risk becomes of overuse type injuries.  These overuse injuries can occur anywhere from your feet up to your head.  When mechanics and postures change, your whole body is effected!

This doesn’t mean you can never wear high heeled shoes.  Like anything in life that is not great for you, moderation is the key.  If you are going to an event you need to be dressed up for, go ahead and wear the heels.  The next day, pamper your feet!

  • Go barefoot to let your feet work how they were made to work.
  • Use a firm ball (golf ball, lacrosse ball, baseball) to roll the bottom of your feet and your lower legs to relieve the muscles and joints that had to work differently.

If you are experiencing pain that you can’t get rid of and feel it may be due long term wearing of high heels, click here to find out more information.

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