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Scale Your Weight


This is the final of my 3 part series on how to improve your skills and lifts.

When coaching or working out at my CrossFit box, I frequently see people using bad form or taking much longer during a workout than they should in order to be able to put the RX by their name on the board.  This is not a good way to become Better, Stronger, Faster.

Occasionally a WOD is programmed to find a max weight, but this is rare.  Most workouts are programmed to go fast, with time ranging from 5-20 minutes.  If you are doing a workout that is high repetition, using 85% of your 1RM is probably not an ideal weight in order to get a proper workout.

Also, by doing using that amount of resistance during a WOD, at some point your technique will begin to decline, putting you at a high risk of injury.

The best way to improve your workouts is to back down the weight to a doable weight with the ability to keep good form throughout the workout.  Because you can go faster and move properly, you an get a better workout and will likely be less sore afterward because you were able to use the correct muscles, without compensations.

Drop your ego at the door when you walk into your CrossFit box.  A big ego is not worth the possible injuries that can occur.

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