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Core Then Extremities

push up

Do you feel like you are plateauing in your strength of your arms and/or legs?  Are you not getting any stronger even though you are continuing to lift weights every day and push yourself harder every day?  Are you frequently injuring your shoulders and hips when working out at the gym.

Your spine and torso is very important to everything we do.  Our bodies stabilize starting centrally (our spine and core) and works outward (our legs and arms).  If you don’t have a stable core, you will not have stability in your shoulders or hips.  And if you don’t have stability in your hips and shoulders, you won’t have proper stability further down in your arms and legs.

Try addressing your core strength and stability first.  If you get your core strong, you will notice more control developing naturally as you perform different movements at the gym, both with lifts and gymnastics skills.

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