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Shoulder Stabilization

Do you ever wonder why your shoulders are strong but you keep injuring them? Do you have a chronic ache/discomfort in the front of your shoulder? Are you getting a pinch when you reach overhead?

We have two groups of muscles around our joints: movers and stabilizers. Your movers are what you strengthen when at the gym with any large movements that you perform, basically everything you are doing when lifting weights or performing full body movements. Most often our stabilizers are neglected, usually because people don’t know they need to (or how to) strengthen them.

All areas of the body can develop problems when stabilizers are weak, but our shoulders tend to flare up sooner because of all the work they are required to do with day to day tasks, our job duties, and our exercise routines.

So, how do we start to strengthen them? The easiest way is begin is to maintain an overhead or extended position with a dynamic object. Kettlebells are great for this. Lie on your back, holding a kettlebell in your hand. Press the kettlebell (bottoms up) toward the ceiling and hold that position as long as you can. Perform 3 repetitions for max time. Then roll onto your side and perform again, holding the kettlebell (bottoms up) toward the ceiling.

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