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Push ups

Feel like a fish out of water with pull ups no matter how much you do them? Unable to do a push-up without “worming up”? Unable to kick up into a handstand against the wall?

Have you looked at your core control and stability lately?

In order to have a good, strong, controlled kip, you need to have core control and stability first. This is accomplished by doing accessory work and progressions!

If all you do is continue to try the specific skill, hoping you will “figure it out,” you will never figure it out. Or if you do, you will not have good stability and will injure yourself under high repetitions or as you continue to try to advance your skills. You must have a good base in order to perform gymnastics skills properly and safely.

First things first, work on doing hollow body and superman holds and repetitions on the ground. When those are controlled, you can add standing activities using your arms while holding the position. Such as light dumbbell shoulder presses or biceps curls while maintaining the hollow body position. Finally, you can hang on the bar and work on a controlled hollow body and arch. Work on being able to get into the position and holding it there while hanging on the bar.

The more you continue to work on progressions with core control off the bar the better your control will be on the bar and with handstand work.

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