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How Did This Happen?

Leaning pain

“How did this happen?”  This is a question I hear frequently when I evaluate a new client.  The individual is trying to understand how they did something so “routine” for them but developed pain or injury now.

The answer is simple, the treatment is not as simple.

Our bodies adapt to our environment very well, to our detriment eventually.  Studies have shown that by 1st grade, children are already develop bad biomechanics and habits from the sitting they do in the classroom.  Add to that the heaviness that backpacks become over the years, the increased use of tablets and smartphones, the increased use of computers, and the resultant poor posture that you tend to develop with all the above, and it is an injury waiting to happen.

The problem is that our bodies quickly learn to move with poor mechanics, adapting to muscles that have shortened from the poor positions we maintain.  With those poor mechanics comes improper muscle firing, wear on tear on joints moving in ways they were not intended to move, and stiffness in joints that are not moved enough.

Eventually, the body says enough is enough and triggers pain until the problem gets addressed.

So, how do we correct the problem?  By a combination of calming down whatever is flared up, loosening whatever is stiff/tight, and then retraining proper motor patterns for proper mechanics of the body’s muscles and joints.

So how does this all happen?  With the proper expertise, hands on care, and exercises to re-train the body systems into correct movement patterns.

Can you do it on your own? Maybe, but definitely not as effectively or quickly as someone with the knowledge on how to do it.  Think of it this way…you could go teach yourself how to play a new sport or you could get a coach to teach you how to play that sport.  Which do you think you would have better success with?  The same goes for resolving pain.  With the correct education and “coaching,” your pain will go away a lot quicker than trying to figure it out on your own.

Have pain that you have been ignoring, thinking it will just “go away”?  Most likely it will not just “go away” until the problem is corrected.  Click here to schedule your FREE discovery session to see how I can help you address your issues.

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