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Returning to Sport After Injury


If you are like most athletes, you hate taking time off to deal with an injury.  And then after you do take the necessary time off for proper treatment and/or healing, you rush back, only to get injured again.

If you don’t allow proper recovery time, you are either going to re-injure the same area or you will injure something else due to compensations occurring from weakness in the original injured area.  Either way, it will mean more downtime later down the road.

Stop the cycle!

Our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia need proper time to heal.  If you have sprained or strained anything, the area needs to be stabilized properly before being overly stressed again.  This can only happen by backing down your activity and doing exercises to get the area stable.  If you do it right, your return will actually be much quicker than if you keep trying to work through the pain.  It can truly be the difference between 2-3 weeks of modified workouts while doing compared to potentially 5-6 months of modified workouts, or even worse complete time off.

Have an area you know needs to be addressed but keep hoping it will just heal itself?  Click here to schedule your FREE Discovery Session to discover how I can help you get back to the top of your game!

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