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Pain From Traveling

Airplane seat

Traveling can wreak havoc on your body.  Between uncomfortable plane seats and a bed and pillows that are likely not ideal for your body, it is easy to develop muscle tightness, stiffness in the neck, back, or hips, and/or pain.

A great way to combat this is to make your joints move through a full range of motion every day.  It is actually a good idea to do this every day anyway, regardless of traveling or not, but even more important when traveling.

So, how do you do this?  Follow the sequence below.

Lie on your back (without a pillow under your head if possible) and turn your head as far as you can one direction and then the other direction, 5x to each side.

Staying on your back, take your arms up overhead, as far as you can towards the floor, 5x.

Then go onto your hands and knees.  Let your back arch, dropping your stomach towards the floor, and then reverse that, pushing your back towards the ceiling, 5x both directions.

Next, find some wall space. Lie on your back, place your feet on the wall, and try to scoot your butt as close to the wall as you can.  This should put you in a squat type position, just on your back instead of standing.  Hold that position for 1 minute.

And finally, kneel down on both knees, placing the top of your feet on the floor.  Sit back on your heels to whatever you can tolerate based on the pull you feel at the ankles.  Hold for 1 minute.  Then change your foot position so your toes are tucked underneath.  Sit back on your heels again to whatever you can tolerate.  Hold for 1 minute.

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