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Is your training feeling like a job? Start having fun again!

Change Focus

Whether you participate in CrossFit, Parkour, triathlons, running, etc., it should be FUN.  If you are becoming overly stressed during your training, frustrated with lack of progress, or you are dreading training, it may be time to take a break and do something different…temporarily.  You are likely starting to get into an overtraining situation that is either not allowing you to overcome the mechanics/technique issues you are dealing with or not allowing your body to recover properly, causing you to lose strength.

Taking a break does not mean do a completely different activity or sport, it means changing your focus.  Regardless of your sport, there is always something different to work on.  Whether you work on a different gymnastics or lifting skill in CrossFit, work on a different jump or landing maneuver in Parkour, focus on a different part of the triathlon, or focus on a different part of your golf game, changing up the focus can fix your mindset on the skill you are struggling with.

By changing your focus and activity/skill for a short bit, your mindset should change quickly and allow you to start having fun again.  Once that mindset is changed and you are less stressed, try going back to the skill you were working on.  You should notice a drastic difference in your performance with it and probably amaze yourself at what you can do.

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