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Importance of Hip Mobility

Lunge Stretch

Think your hips have the mobility they need?  Think again!  Very few people move their joints through their full, possible range of motion.  We go through our day sitting, walking, standing, and maybe squatting or kneeling occasionally.  Because of this, our joints stiffen up and muscles tighten up because they learn to adapt to the forces and ranges put on them.  Is it “functional”?  Maybe.  Is it ideal?  Definitely not!

When the hips lose mobility, your lumbar spine and knees end up compensating for the motion when you try to squat, lift from the ground, kneel, or rotate.  If you are squatting down for something, typically the butt will not get low enough, causing you to lean forward more and therefore lift with your back.  This may also cause the mechanics in the knees to become deficient and cause increased wear and tear on the knee.  Over time, low back degeneration and knee degeneration happen, resulting in pain.

Want some ideas on how to mobilize your hips, check out these videos from previous posts:

Banded Hip Flexor Stretch

Pigeon Pose

Cross Legged Stretch

If those don’t work, there are many other stretches and mobility drills to try.  Get in for a FREE Discovery Session to find how to get back to all the activities you love to do? Click here to request your FREE session.

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