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Avoid Artificial Ingredients with Equip Foods

Whole 30?  Paleo?  Clean eating?  Macros?  Keto?  Gluten Free?

These are some different terms for different types of dietary lifestyles that are out there.  Is one better than another?  Not necessarily.

Each one has their own characteristics and foods that are and aren’t allowed.  And each body is different and responds differently to different foods.  So to say one is the best way to go for everyone is not possible.

What is a common denominator to all healthy dietary lifestyles, though, is avoiding processed foods.  Most processed foods have added sugars (cane sugar or corn syrup are the most common) or artificial sugars (usually in the form of aspartame or sucralose).  They typically have other added ingredients that are not necessary and not good for your body.

A company I have found that I absolutely love for my supplements is Equip Foods.

The best part is that all of Equip’s products are 100% completely real ingredients. No fake stuff! It’s doctor-developed, and doesn’t contain any soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.

Their products also do not contain any: chemicals, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, binding agents, fillers, stabilizers

Equip is doctor-developed and research backed using only the most effective ingredients at the most effective amounts and most absorbable forms.

The product that got me hooked is Equip Prime Protein, which contains just THREE ingredients: 100% grass fed beef, cocoa powder and stevia…That’s it!  They also have a vanilla version as well that is just as simple as the chocolate.

Most conventional proteins like whey, egg and casein are highly inflammatory and ruin your gut. They also don’t contain any of the gelatin or collagen our soft tissues and joints need for support.

What makes Prime Protein different from other protein supplements is that it contains the full spectrum of amino acids your body demands and it is 70% beef muscle and 30% beef collagen and gelatin.  That means you’re getting all your BCAAs AND a great collagen supplement!

Whether you’re trying to build lean muscle, recover from a soft tissue injury, or simply have a hard time eating enough protein to meet your dietary needs, Prime Protein is here for you.

Equip Prime Protein is also working wonders for people who have had allergic or inflammatory reactions to other protein supplements.

Check out all of Equip Foods products here.  Save 15% off your first order by using code FIX15 when you check out.

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