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SI Joint Dysfunction


Do you have back or hip pain that will not go away?  Most likely the area causing the pain has not been addressed properly yet.  The SI joint is a frequently ignored joint that causes a significant amount of pain

The SI joint is where your sacrum (the triangle bone at the bottom of your spine) meets the pelvis.  It is an area that can be very problematic when it becomes stuck or “dysfunctional.”  It is also an area that many therapists I have come in contact with do not know how to treat properly and an area that I absolutely love to treat and have great success with.  If the area is diagnosed and addressed properly, it can be treated quickly, allowing you to live a pain free life again.

The problem with SI joint dysfunction is the signs and symptoms are very similar to low back and/or hip pain or dysfunction.  The low back and hip are areas that most PTs treat well and therefore where they will focus.  Unfortunately, you can address all the hip and spine mobility and stability you want, but if you don’t correct the SI joint dysfunction, the pain will never go away.

The question I get asked most often with the SI joint is, “How did this happen?”  There is no magic answer.  Because of the muscles and fascia that attach to the sacrum, it can be the most “insignificant” thing to cause it.  For example, if you are lifting something and (unintentionally) use one leg a bit more than the other, it can cause an asymmetrical pull on your sacrum and cause a sacral dysfunction.  Or habitually sitting with one leg crossed over the other can contribute to the problem.  It is an area that the simplest thing can cause the most annoying and function limiting pain.

Why do I bring this up?  Because it may be the reason for your unresolved back pain.  If you have been going to physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and pain doctors without getting your pain resolved, it is possible it is your SI joint that is causing your pain and has never been properly treated.

If this sounds like you, search out a physical therapist who truly knows how to treat the SI joint.  Click here to speak with a therapist at Get Your Fix Physical Therapy who has great success treating the area.  Or Click Here to schedule you FREE Discovery Session to discover how we can help you resolve your pain.

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