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Why Do I Have Pain?


Everyone experiences pain at some point in their life, typically many times.  It can be due to a specific injury or surgery, but most pain just comes on for “no apparent reason.”  These are the cases that are the most difficult for people.

You may go to your primary care physician, a specialist, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, or some other type of medical professional to get treated.  Sometimes the pain goes away by seeing a medical professional, but comes back again down the road.  And other times it is never resolved.  Does this sound like you?

This return of the same pain or never resolving the pain in the first place is frequently due to the “root cause of the problem” never being truly addressed.

There are a number of reasons that the pain returns down the road when the “root cause” is not addressed properly.  Below are the most common:

  • Tightness or stiffness in one area will cause other areas to compensate. Over time, the muscles and joints get overworked, eventually causing pain.  For example, most people have tight and stiff hips.  When the hips get tight and stiff, the body moves differently when trying to squat, knee, lift, or twist.  This causes increased motion in your low back.  This increased motion is what then develops into joint degeneration, disc degeneration, bulging discs, etc.  If the low back is addressed because that is where the pain is, but the hips are never addressed, pain in the back will likely return again.
  • Joint pain or extremity weakness can be caused by spinal issues. The deep muscles along the spine can get tight, causing pressure on the nerves coming off the spine.  This pressure can either present as pain in muscles or joints in your extremity (arm or leg) and/or the muscles to not fire properly down the chain.  If only the area of pain is addressed, the pain will likely not go away or will return later.  Addressing the spinal segment the nerve comes off of will likely resolve the pain completely.
  • Poor movement patterns. It is possible that your joint mobility and strength is good, but your body has forgotten how to move properly.  When your movement patterns are altered from what is biomechanically ideal, the joints end up becoming aggravated.  Over time, this causes pain.  Correcting movement patterns can reduce and/or resolve pain without surgery, injections, or medications.

Do any of these situations sound like you?  Are you sick of living on pain medication or having injections?  Click here to speak with an expert to find out how you can truly resolve your pain and get off your pain medication.

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