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Barefoot/Minimalist Shoes

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Being barefoot is the ideal situation for your feet and the rest of your body. If you are someone who always wears shoes, it can take some time to transition and get comfortable being barefoot. The muscles and joints of the foot and lower leg need to be both loosened up and strengthened before being barefoot is comfortable.  This can be a long process…meaning several months for some people.

Once you are comfortable being barefoot, it is time to get minimalist or barefoot footwear.  Ideally, barefoot is the best scenario, but I understand shoes are required to go places into most public and to protect your feet against the environment.

The following companies have great barefoot and minimalist shoe options:
Vibrams – “five finger” shoes made for running, hiking, water sports, etc.
Luna Sandals – a simple sandal that lets your foot move naturally.
Vivo Barefoot – a collection of shoes good for sports, casual, and work.
Xero Shoes – a collection of shoes good for sports, casual, and work.
Bob’s by Sketchers “plush” line– simple shoes that stretch to adjust to your feet and are super flexible on the bottom. A great closed toe shoe for work in an office or rehab setting.

Check out some of the options here.

Have specific questions on the different shoes or wondering what would be best for you? Email I would be happy to answer any questions you have or email you some options that would be good for you.

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