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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Injuries As A New Runner


Injuries happen in all sports, including running, because accidents happen.  But many aches, pains, injuries that runners get can be prevented

I have for you the top 5 ways to prevent injuries if you are new to running.  (They are in no particular order.)

Dynamic Warmup 

Doing a dynamic warmup, rather than just stretching, is a great way to get muscles warmed up and primed for your run.  These types of activities help to prepare the body for the repetitive muscle firing required when running for long periods.


Most people don’t stretch enough.  Stretching allows our muscles to stay loose, allowing them to function properly as well as let our joints move properly.

If muscles are tight, they cannot fire like they should.  Over time this can cause an overuse injury or muscle strain.  Tight muscles can also compress the joints, causing increased pressure at the joint and resultant pain.

Stretching your calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors is important to be able to get a full stride without your body compensating.

Strengthen hips

The stronger your hips are, the better control you will have in your legs and your low back.  The better control you have, the better mechanics you maintain.  The better mechanics you maintain, the less risk of injury you are.

You don’t need any special equipment to strengthen your hips.  All you need is a little time!

Strengthen feet

Strengthening the feet is an important aspect for preventing foot pain, both for walking and running.  When running, though, it is even more important due to the increased number of steps and higher force through the feet that is taken.

Work on balance

Working on balance is a great way to strengthen your hips and ankles.  Practice standing on one leg on a solid surface first and then progress to a more dynamic surface, such as a pillow, when able.

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