Preparing For The CrossFit Open – Learn Double Unders

Double unders can be a frustrating and difficult movement to learn...and are typically a required component of the CrossFit Open.  We have put together some drills for your to work on to help you to learn double unders and be ready for the CrossFit Open

Double leg hops

Double leg hops is a technique based exercise in order to get your body used to jumping and landing on the balls of your feet. This technique is essential to master, because this is the position you will land in during your double unders.

Double leg hop to target

Often times what I observe in athletes is not a sense lack of technique or the ability to swing the rope, but the height they are jumping is simply not high enough. Jumping to a target will ensure you are getting high enough to complete double unders. Some coaches will place a piece of tape on the wall about a foot from the athletes reach and have them practice jumping to the target. TRY IT OUT!

 Double leg hop with arm swing

At first glance this exercise seems a little silly, but trust me you will thank me later! First you need to practice having fast wrists as this is needed to swing the rope fast enough to complete the double unders. I go over this here (insert wrist swing video). By practicing the jump with the arm swing, without the rope you would get your body use to the rhythm and save yourself from the unpleasant feeling of getting hit by the rope!

Two singles and a double practice

This exercise is a great way to practice the technique once you have completed 5 double unders in a row. This allow you to complete two proficient single unders with correct form followed by a double under. Part-whole practice as “experts” like to call it.

 Multiple doubles in a row

HERE IT IS! Time to practice those double unders! You may still do one or two singles before starting to practice multiple double unders in a row. Setting a number of how many multiple double unders will be completed will allow for you to build tolerance within the movement. First 10, next 20, than 30, and so forth! Practicing within a WOD or even for the open would be a great way to build confidence!



Written by Dymire Jones, SPT and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  For more questions, you can email him at

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