Drip Coffee vs. Cold Brew vs. Espresso…Is there a difference?

Go to any store or coffee shop and you will find a variety of ways to make coffee.  They can all taste good, much of it depends on on your preferences, how strong you like it, how much flavor you want in it, etc.

But, is one type of coffee better than another for you?   Maybe, maybe not.  It depends on who you ask.

Here is a quick rundown on the differences:

Drip Coffee

Cold Brew


Caffeine levels

Varies due to variety, variation of brewing methods, strength of brew (grounds to water ratio)

Alone, it is higher, but brewed as a concentrate so it levels out when adding water, creamer, or milk; varies based on ratio of coffee to water when brewed or concentrate to what you are adding to it

Ave 64 mg; not more than a cup of coffee, but when you stack shots in coffee drinks, then it adds up; on average 2 oz espresso = same caffeine as 6 oz of coffee

Time of brew


24-28 hours typically



More acidic

Less acidic

More acidic


More bitter

Less bitter/smoother

Most bitter


High in antioxidants

Decreased antioxidants

With all that said, it sometimes still comes down to what you put in it.  Caffeine and acidity aside, the calories add up when you add a things to your coffee, such as sugar, artificial sweeteners, and syrups for flavor.  My opinions on artificial sweeteners aside for now, adding things to coffee is necessarily a bad thing if it fits into your healthy eating pattern, but if it is causing you to put on pounds, you may want to think about eliminating it.

Personally, I lean towards healthy fats in my coffee...MCT oil and/or full fat coconut milk.  It is a way for me to get my healthy fats in and start the day off right.

As it stands, coffee is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes what you add to it can be.  Something to think about...

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