Your Feet = Your Foundation

The feet are the foundation of our bodies.  Without strong and stable feet, our bodies, in essence, collapse underneath us.

What does this “collapse” look like exactly?  It comes in the form of foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, and tendonitis, just to name a few.

Part of having good strong feet includes having good control of your toes.  The anatomy of your feet is very similar to the anatomy of your hands.  In theory, we should be able to have just as much control of our toes as we do our fingers.  Since we have not used our toes in that way, for a number of reasons, we are lacking the control of our toes.

At the very least, gaining control of your big toe and being able to splay your toes is essential to learn.

Now I am sure you are wondering how you go about being able to do this.

This is obtained through a combination of a couple methods.  The first being using toe spreaders.  With feet being crammed into shoes on a regular basis, the toes do not get to move and stretch.  Using toe spreaders daily allows those muscle to stretch and begins prepping the toes for movement.

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The second part involves specific toe exercises to teach your toes how to work again.

By using toe spreaders and working on these exercises on a consistent basis, you will start to notice stronger feet, which will also translate into stronger legs and spine.

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