Do You Know The Cause Of Your Pain?

Injury.  Pain.  Swelling. 

If you have any of the above, you have inflammation in your body.   But now for the curveball.  Did you have inflammation already in your body that contributed to and/or caused the issue?  Or did the issue cause the inflammation?

Inflammation can come from both external and internal sources…and many times it is both.

External Sources

The external sources are what most of us think about when we talk about pain or injuries.  Besides traumatic injuries occurring, such as taking a hit during a game or spraining an ankle during a run, we get back pain from lifting wrong, shoulder pain from overuse, knee pain from improper mechanics…the list goes on and on.

These are issues caused by actually performing an activity.  They make sense to us.  We may not like that they happen and that we can’t participate in the activities we love temporarily, but they do and we have to deal with it appropriately.

Internal Sources

The internal sources are things people don’t think about when we talk about injuries and inflammation.  This inflammation comes from the foods we put into our bodies.  There are some foods that no human body does well with and others that just your body doesn’t like.  When the body does not do well with foods that are put into it, inflammation happens.

The gut is more important than most people think it is.  Inflammation from poor food choices starts in our gut and spreads to the rest of the body.  If the gut is not healthy, it effects the rest of the body in a significant way.

The Combination

When it comes to injuries, especially in chronic/recurring injuries or chronic pain, the body has an internal inflammation process occurring.  Combine that with a repetitive motion with mechanics that could likely be improved, and we put ourselves in a “perfect storm” of injury risk or pain.

The best way to clear this up is by a combination of addressing both the external sources, such as through self-care, physical therapy, chiropractic, or massage, and internal sources, which ultimately are the foods we put in our bodies.

Address only one aspect, external or internal, and we will never fully clear up the inflammation process in the body.

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