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Take Care Of Yourself

Injuries happen.  It is just part of life.

Accidents happen.  That is just part of life as well.

Some injuries we can prevent.  Some injuries we cannot.  The questions is…how do you react?  Or better yet, how do you respond?

Do you take care of this issue, the injury?  Or do you let it linger, thinking it will just “go away on its own”?

The way our health care system is set up, many times what happens is the pain or injury is “covered up” by injections, medication, or external support (braces, orthotics, etc.) or you are told surgery is the only option.  The other answer is frequently, “stop doing x, y, or z.”  In my opinion, all of those are the wrong answers!

Now, I am not saying that injections, medication, external support, or surgery are not needed at times, as some injuries are traumatic or severe and require that.  But I feel these methods are overused/overutilized at times.

Many of the injuries we sustain or general aches and pains we experience can be addressed in a more natural way.

For severe soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament) injuries, there is the option of prolotherapy, PRP, or stem cells.  Can this be used 100% of the time for severe soft tissue injuries?  Absolutely not!  But it is an option that should be looked into prior to opting for a major surgery.

For minor injuries, avenues such as physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, and different natural healing foods, spices, and homeopathic herbs to decrease inflammation are great options.

Many times, injuries and issues are rehabilitated completely through physical therapy, chiropractic, or massage therapy, and sometimes it is a mix of several of those options.  The different medical professions know how to decrease the actual pain you are dealing with as well as find the root cause, the “driver,” of the pain you are dealing with and correct that issue.  Many times, what is causing the pain is not what you think is causing your pain.  The body is a complex system and everything must work properly in order to function, in order to be the highly functional individual and athlete you aspire to be.

And then there is injury prevention.  Not all injuries are preventable.  Because like I said in the beginning, accidents happen!  But many of the injuries people sustain can be prevented with proper maintenance, proper strength and stability, and, most importantly, proper education.

Unfortunately, the things for maintenance and recovery are the boring (or unsexy) side of fitness, so it is often neglected by athletes.  It is an area that elite athletes address on a regular basis, but don’t share it out on social media, so the everyday athlete does not see the importance of it. 

I can say from personal experience, once I started doing mobility work weekly, focusing on those areas I know get stiffest and tightest on myself, the random issues I was having pop up occasional completely went away.  When I do have an area get aggravated or strain a muscle during training, the sooner I have it addressed, the quicker it goes away…meaning less modifying and scaling in workouts.

Along with that, I started using a CBD supplement and my recovery has been phenomenal ever since.  I rarely get sore after workouts now and my body recovers a lot faster in between workouts, which means more energy and strength in every single training session.

What do I want you to get out of all of this?  Take care of yourself!  Do the maintenance work required to keep your body functioning well.  And if you do get injured, take care of it sooner rather than later.  You will thank me later, I promise!

Have more questions about any of this?  Email me at brianne@getyourfixpt.com.

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