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Life…Own Yours

Diets are temporary, life is forever!

Many people diet.  Many people fail at dieting.  There is a very good reason for this.  They view it as a TEMPORARY thing they MUST do for the SHORT TERM.  This viewpoint is bound to set you up for failure.

Anything that we view as “temporary” is going to be difficult to maintain, even for a short time.

Anything we “must” do we tend to resist.

Anything that is “short term” does not set us up to think big picture.

Without the right mindset, failure is inevitable.  It is only a matter of time.  And this may be seen in different ways.

It may be you simply giving up on it, finding it “too hard,” “too stressful,” “too (fill in the blank.)”

And it may be your body resisting, partially due to the stress you are placing on yourself.  When you view things as a “must” and resist them, it becomes stressful.  This stress causes a downward spiral: when your stress increases, your cortisol increase.  When your cortisol increases, your appetite increases and your cravings for high sugar foods increase.

Instead you need to be ALL IN.  You need to view this as a LIFESTYLE change, as something that is going to change your life LONG TERM, as something you WANT to do to CREATE the life you desire.

Think about the outcome you want.  Your “why” is not to lose weight.  Your “why” is bigger than that.  What is that “why”?  To get healthy?  To be able to spend more quality time with your family and friends?  To not end up like your parents?  The options are endless.  The “why” is for you to create.

Your “why” is what will motivate you.  That is the reason you want the change.  That is the reason your success will be greater when viewed as a lifestyle change and not a temporary, short term “thing” you are doing.

Ultimately, you want to be happy.  You wouldn’t be working to change something about yourself if you were already happy about that something.  Create that happiness for yourself.

Own Your Day.  Own Your Life.

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