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Nutrition is Not One Size Fits All

People can become very passionate about nutrition beliefs, theories, etc.  The debates and opinions can get as intense as politics and religion at times.  It is pretty fascinating, actually.  So many conversations revolve around the ONE method that will work for everyone because it worked for that person.  Unfortunately, that is not the way nutrition works.  Yes, there are some things that need to be similar between everyone with similar goals – fat loss, muscle gain, get faster, gain endurance – but each person is also an individual and will respond differently to food choices.

Paleo.  Whole 30.  Keto.  Caveman.  Vegan.  Macros.  Gluten Free.  Dairy Free.  Vegetarian.  Pescatarian.

They all work.  They all don’t work.  It all depends on how the body responds to the food choices as well as what someone can work into their lifestyle and goals.

Let’s break this down a little.

The body’s response to foods

Just because a food is healthy, does not mean it is healthy for your body.  Without realizing it, many people have food intolerances to some of the foods they consume on a regular basis.  This is not an allergic reaction that will make you sick, give you hives, or cause a restriction of the airways.  This is your body developing a negative response to foods in the form of a systemic response.  Many symptoms exist with food intolerances, including developing a rash, digestive issues, acne, fatigue, and bloating.

When talking food intolerances, it can be with the normal foods people think of with allergies – eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten, shellfish, soy – but can also include also fruits, vegetables, and meats.  Basically, your body can develop intolerances to nearly any of the foods you consume.

Many people don’t know they have intolerances because many of the symptoms can be viewed as a symptom of something else and also because they come from foods that are supposed to be healthy for us.  It isn’t until you start looking at trends that you begin to discover the possibility that foods may be causing your issues.

Can this fit into my lifestyle?

You will rarely find me using the word diet when speaking of the food choices someone makes.  Diet has a bad connotation to me.  The term is frequently used when someone is attempting to lose weight and once the goal is met, the diet is done.  This is often when the yo-yo situations occur: diet -> weight loss -> goal weight -> return to prior way of eating -> weight gain -> diet.

When you want to make a change to hit your fitness goals, it is best to find a nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle and that will work in your lifestyle long term.  This is where you will have the greatest success.  Finding something that will work with your lifestyle will allow you to meet your goals and then continue with it to work on new goals.  You are more likely to succeed and maintain that success if you are doing something that works with your lifestyle rather than attempting to force something and hope that you can make it work.

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