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Healthy Eating On A Budget

Eating healthy can be expensive.  When you look at how inexpensive poor quality food at fast food restaurants and processed foods can be, it makes sense that people lean towards unhealthy foods at times.  Along with that, when the coupons to bring prices lower are for those restaurants and processed foods, it is even easier to eat the poor quality foods.

Many people live on a tight budget.  I completely understand; I live on a tight budget myself.  I also know the importance of eating healthy in order to feel good and perform well.  It is possible to eat healthy while still keeping to a budget.

Cheaper produce

Vegetables and fruit on a daily basis are essential to getting the vitamins and minerals our bodies need for good health.  Fresh vegetables and fruits can be expensive, though, depending on what you are purchasing.

There can be a way around this, or at least a way to decrease the grocery bill slightly.

When you purchase vegetables and fruits that are in-season, the prices tend to be lower.  A great way to get these lower prices is by going to local farmer’s markets.  You can normally find some great deals on produce at farmer’s markets.

Or even better, sometimes you can get the in-season produce for free if you have friends, family, or neighbors who garden.  Many times, the garden will create much more food than one family can consume and sometimes more than they have time to can or freeze.  It is possible that they are more than willing to give it to people they know will use it without letting it go to waste.

Stock up during sales for your protein sources

The higher the quality of meat and seafood you consume, the better it is for you.  In order to get the meat that is best for you, you want to be purchasing foods that are organic, grass fed, pastured, free range, etc.  Why, you ask?  Just like humans, the meat and fat (especially the fat) pick up the toxins and chemicals that are consumed.  So, if animals are being fed grains that have been fertilized, chickens are kept penned up and not able to move around, finish are coming from more contaminated waters, etc., their meat that we later consume is filled with those toxins.  We consume that meat, we get those toxins as well.

Unfortunately for people on a budget, these tend to be more expensive than the lower quality meats and seafood.  Luckily, you can occasionally find these foods on sale.  When they are on sale, stock up and store them in the freezer until you want to use them.  They can easily be stored for 4 weeks in Ziplock freezer bags without getting freezer burn.  If you vacuum seal them, they will store for even longer without issues.


The discount warehouse stores are full of many products I am not a fan of, but they also have great deals on quality foods as well.

You can often find organic meats, quality fruits and vegetables, and a number of other quality and healthy items in their grocery section.  I regularly purchase a number of items there instead of the regular grocery store because it is more cost effective, including coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, avocado oil, and coffee.

Discount websites with quality products

A number of websites exist that you can find quality foods at a discount.  Some are membership sites; some are not. Two of my favorites are Brandless and Thrive Market.  They are both worth your time to check out if you are on a budget.

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