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Improve Your Core To Improve Your Performance

Core…Such a trendy word the past several years.  Sometimes when something is trendy or a fad, it is a just a quick fix or something that is not worth your time and energy.  When it comes to the core, it is something that you really want to invest time and energy into. 

When looking at walking, running, jumping, lifting, carrying, obstacles, and pretty much anything else you do in your daily life or training and competing life, the core is essential to function, longevity, and resiliency. 

Want to… 

…squat heavier?  Build up your core! 

…lift heavier?  Build up your core! 

…carry further?  Build up your core! 

…run further and without pain?  Build up your core! 

…perform hanging obstacles better?  Build up your core! 

…get up over walls and on the table easier?  Build up your core! 

Get the point? 

The core is necessary for everything we do.  Even rolling over in bed requires your core to function. 

Ever try to do a sandbag or bucket carry with a relaxed trunk?  It’s not possible! 

Or how about an overhead carry with relaxed or fatigued abdominals?  Difficult, isn’t it?  The overhead carry is not just about shoulder strength and stability. 

The core is not just the abs like some people think it is.  Yes, those are part of it, but actually a very small part of it.  The core consists of the abdominals, the spinal musculature, the hip musculature, and even the control you have through your shoulders.  Pretty much everything between your neck down to your knees contribute in some way to your core. 

This is why we cannot just do activities to work the abdominals and expect to have a strong and highly functional core.  Yes, doing exercises to work the abdominals is beneficial, so continue doing the crunches, leg raises, Russian twists, etc. that you have been doing.  They are still highly important.  But it is time to start adding more to your training. 

Start utilizing your functional positions and movements to build up your entire core.  Add in more carries and holds.  Add in isometric holds of the trunk with dynamic movements of the arms and legs. 

Have fun.  Be creative.  Core work doesn’t have to be tedious and boring.  It can be very dynamic and fun if you do it right. 

These are definitely not all inclusive, but if you want some ideas of things to do, you can check out some of the playlists on my YouTube channel: 

Trunk Stability 

Hip Stability 

Shoulder Stability 

Want help to figure out the issues you are dealing with or help with programming workouts for the purpose of improving your core control?  Email me at for help. 

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