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Purposeful Movements

Do you move?  Or do you move with purpose?

Our bodies are meant to move, not be in one position all day.

Yes, I understand job-life has to happen, which may require you to sit or stand in one position all day.  So the fact that you are training and racing on a regular basis is a great thing!!!

But when you are training, are you just going through the motions?  Or are you paying attention to your movements?

Some questions to ask yourself…

  • When you are doing a certain exercise or obstacle, do you pay attention to how your body is moving or what your body is doing?
  • When learning something new, are you moving quickly for the sole purpose of getting from Point A to Point B?  Or are you feeling your body and learning how to control your body through the motion?
  • Do you pay attention to how you are breathing?  Or better yet, are you actually breathing? Or do you tend to hold your breath?
  • When you do mobility work (assuming you do mobility work), are you focusing on what the actual movement is attempting to lengthen or mobilize? Are you being aware of what your body is doing and feeling?  Or are you just doing it because someone told you to, not even sure why you are doing it?

Purposeful Movements Matter!!!

Moving with a purpose is how we truly make gains with our fitness and our performance.   When you begin to have the awareness of what your body is doing, what your body is feeling, and how you can make a movement even better, you will see huge gains.

Think about an activity or concept in your day to day life or job that you have had to learn or improve on in the past.  How did that improvement happen? Did it just happen by continuing to do it in the same, monotonous way? Or did it improve by thinking about it, understanding it, and learning how to do it better?  My guess is it took some focus, awareness, and intention.

Our body movements are no different.  If you want to improve – I mean truly improve – you need to have awareness of what your body is doing and be purposeful and intentional with your movements.

  • Pay attention to how your body is moving on your transitions on hanging obstacles.  Where can you improve your swing or your control?
  • Pay attention to how you are breathing as you do different movements during training.  Improving your breathing patterns can give you more power and keep you going longer.
  • Learn how you can use the more powerful parts of your core during your movements to move more efficiently.
  • Be intentional with your mobility work, paying attention to what you are actually attempting to move with each and every movement you do.

Can you make improvements without this awareness?  Maybe, maybe not! If you do improve, it will take a lot longer compared to moving with purpose, awareness, and intention.

Not sure where to get started or what to be looking for?  Email with your questions.

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