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Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating while on the road can be challenging.

I’m not just talking about when travelling for races.  We all travel for things that do not involve racing – vacations, work trips, family emergencies, etc.  I have been on a trip to multiple locations for the past week.  Some circumstances allowed me to eat very well.  Some were a little more challenging.

Here’s what I do when it comes to food choices when I travel…

When staying at an AirBNB

This is the easiest scenario for me.  It allows me to eat as close to how I do at home as possible.  I allows me to go to the grocery store, purchase foods I would normally eat, and create meals that I am used to eating.

When staying with friends or family

This scenario is almost as nice as the AirBNB, especially when the people I stay with are health conscious and eat similar foods to me.  Even if that is not the case, I can still go to the grocery story to get food for meals and snacks that work for me.  If we choose to go out to eat for dinners, I am able to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch regardless and then make as healthy of choice as possible when dining out.

When staying in a hotel

This is a more difficult situation.  What I normally do is take food with me that I can eat for breakfast, such as Epic or RX bars, canned tuna, protein powder, and nuts and seeds.  Since most hotel rooms have fridges, I will often go to a grocery story to get foods that need to stay chilled and are easy to consume for snacks and/or light meals.  When eating out with family, friends, or colleagues for dinner, I will do what I can to make healthy food choices based on the restaurant chosen.

When at a conference with food provided

This situation is definitely trickier.  A couple things can be done in this situation.  1) Just suck it up and eat whatever is there because I need food, or 2) Take my own food.  Most often, I eat whatever is provided, making as healthy choices as possible.  At times I will hit up a grocery store and pick up foods that are a little more filling than snack-type foods and take those with me.  It is very situation dependent here.

When eating out

If I am eating out by myself, this is simple, as I can choose where I want to go and therefore can make healthy choices.  Many times, I go to a grocery store and pick up easy foods such as pre-cooked meats, hard boiled eggs, veggies, and nut butter, and create a meal that way.  When other people are involved, it may be more difficult to eat like I prefer.  Luckily, regardless of where I eat, I can make something work.  Most restaurants are willing to leave things off a menu item if I ask them to.

Eating healthy while travelling doesn’t have to be difficult.  Have more questions about your situation?  Schedule a call with me:

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