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Train Without Excuses

We are in that time of the year.  That time where weather and travels can impede with our training.  Temperatures can get down to dangerous levels in which it isn’t safe to be outside.  Ice can make it so it is not safe to run without risk of falling and injuring something.  Traveling takes us away from our gym and/or equipment at home, possibly leaving us in a house or in a with minimal options to work with. 

If you are used to someone else doing the workout programming for you AND used to having a lot of equipment available to you, you may be at a loss as to what to do.  I have a solution for you! 

Here are some different body weight or dumbbell workouts you can do with minimal space and equipment: 

100 Burpees For Time 
100 Devil’s Press For Time (decrease reps if necessary based on your ability) 
100 DB Clean & Jerks For Time 
Perform 1 round each minute until you fail 

3 burpees 

5 sit ups 

10 air squats 

Double Tabata 

  • Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest 
  • With Double Tabata, you will do 16 rounds and alternate movements 
  • Can do this with any two movements 
  • Some good combinations are: 
  • Plank and Flutter kicks 
  • Air squats and Push Ups 
  • Goblet squats and flutter kicks 
20 min AMRAP 

5 push ups 

10 sit ups 

15 burpees 

20 air squats 

10 Rounds For Time 

10 DB Clean and Jerks 

10 DB reverse lunges (alternating legs) 

Death by…push ups 

1 push up the 1st minute 

2 the 2nd minute 

3 the 3rd minute 

Continue to go up until you have a round you don’t finish 

Death by…reverse lunges  

1 lunge on each leg the 1st minute 

2 on each leg the 2nd minute 

3 on each leg the 3rd minute 

Continue to go up until you have a round you don’t finish 

For Time 

100 pull ups (remove if no access to a pull up bar)  

100 push ups 

100 sit ups 

100 air squats 

5 Rounds For Time 

10 pull ups (remove this if no access to a pull up bar) 

20 push ups 

30 sit ups 

40 air squats 

Rest 3:00 

Deck of Cards 

  • Get a deck of cards (can also download a deck of cards app on your phone) 
  • Pick 4 movements, one for each suit. 
  • Turn over one card at a time and perform the number of reps for the appropriate movement based on the suit. 
  • For face cards: Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13 
  • Jokers: if you choose to leave them in, pick a different movement that takes longer.  For instance, I may run up and down the stairs several times when I turn over the Joker. 

Happy Training! 

Working toward some BIG RACING GOALS next year?  Not sure what the next steps are?  Let’s talk!  Schedule a free call with me so we can discuss your goals and how to get you there.  

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