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The Reason Your Injury Is Sticking Around

Your nagging injury and pain just won’t go away.  It has been months, perhaps years, and you have tried everything – PT, chiro, ice, heat, stretching, strengthening, rest, injections, and maybe even surgery.  Nothing has helped.  You still aren’t able to trainor live your life for that matter.  You are frustrated to say the least! 

So, the question is ‘why’.  Why is the pain still there when you have done everything your friends, internet searches, and specialists have told you to do.  You have been fully compliant with everything and yet the pain remains.  It doesn’t make sense, right? 

Let me shed some light on the situation… 


In some cases, if it is simply a matter of overtraining and your body needing a break, taking several days off to rest and recover can be very helpful. Most times, though, that is not the case. 

Most injuries are due to mechanics, meaning how your body is moving. This means you can rest all you want, but unless you correct how your body is moving, the pain will come back eventually when you return to training. 

Modalities (Ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc.) 

These ultimately do not do anything for you.  They give you some temporary relief at best due to the work they do on the nerve receptors and tissues, but once that wears off, the body goes right back to where it was. They are essentially the ‘feel good’ part of rehab, that’s it! 

Specifically, with ice, it is not the problem solver we all thought it was…and not the problem solver many still think it is.  Ice actually delays the healing process. The body requires swelling and inflammation in the area of injury so the brain knows to send the healing properties there. Without signals of swelling and inflammation, which you shut down temporarily when you apply ice, the healing does not happen as fast. By allowing the swelling and inflammation to be present, you are actually speeding up the healing process. 

The same rules apply with anti-inflammatory medications. 

Spot Treat Symptoms 

This is what happens most often when you do a search online for exercises…and even when you go to a physical therapist or chiropractor. 

Where we experience pain is not normally what is causing the pain.  The pain you are experiencing is simply a symptom of something going on somewhere in the body.  You can treat the symptoms by stretching, rolling, and strengthening the specific area all you want, but unless you address the actual cause of the issue, the pain will not go away. 

Unfortunately, I see spot treatment happening all too often even when someone sees a clinician.  The clinician sees pain in an area and treats the area without looking at the full body and movement patterns to figure out why it is happening in the first place. 

Want rid of your pain for good? It is necessary to take time figuring out they ‘why’ behind the pain…and it is likely not what you thought.  The possibilities are endless, ranging from how you are moving currently, a previous injury years ago that you thought was unrelated, or even nutrition related. Uncover the cause and you can solve your problem! 

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