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Break Out Of Your Rut

How many people do you talk to who don’t seem to ever reach the life goals they have for themselves or their families? 

How many business owners do you see grinding away every day who never make any progress with their business? 

How many people train for hours a day but don’t find themselves getting any faster or stronger? 

How many athletes stay stuck in their injury cycle even though they are doing the things that all their searching endeavors have told them to do? 

How many of those do you relate to? 

You have to do the necessary things to have the success you want – in life, in business, in sport. Yes, putting in the work is absolutely necessary, but you can put in the work doing the wrong things or you can put in the work doing the right things and the outcome of each is very different. 

You can grind away for hours on end, day after day, putting in a lot of hard work in an attempt to create success for yourself, but if those tasks are not the tasks that are going to help you get to your goals, it isn’t going to matter. I am speaking from experience here. I was this person for a long time! Eventually, I found the people to help break out of that whirlwind life I was living. You can check out more of my story in Own Your Day, Own Your Life: Creating the business and life you desire. 

Let’s focus in on the training and injury aspects… 

It’s pretty simple, actually. If you are not making progress with the training you are putting in, you are not doing the right things. And continuing to do the same things and hope for a different outcome is not going to work. It just doesn’t work that way.  

When it comes to injuries, the same rules apply. Even though it may seem like it, injuries are not just a part of being an athlete. Yes, injuries do happen because life happens and accidents happen, but most injuries that occur in athletes are because of how the body is moving. You can do all the ice, rest, stretching, and strengthening you want, but until you address any movement faults you have, the injuries are going to continue returning. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to what the necessary thing is for you. It is going to vary for each and every person. I can give you some general ideas, though. 

Learn how to move better and how to control that movement. The better you move, the more power and force you generate with your body and the less energy you expel doing it. That naturally gives you more strength, lets you move faster, and allows you to go longer. 

Add some spice to your training. Do speed intervals, do hill repeats, do technique work. Running more and lifting heavy only continue to reinforce bad patterns and slower speeds. Taking time to break down the technique to correct faults and add some variation to your running is helpful for progress. 

Improve your recovery techniques. This does not mean stretch and foam roll more. This means all the other stuff in your life –sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration, etc. You can do all the training you want, but if you don’t do the things to let your body recover and rebuild from that training session then all you are doing is constantly breaking it down and not letting it build back up.  

If you are stuck in an injury cycle, figure out the root cause and address that. Continuing to spot treat your injury like you have been will keep you stuck in your injury cycle. Uncovering what your body is doing incorrectly and fixing that will break you out of that cycle. 

What do you need to change in your training to start having the success you want? Not sure? Let’s chat! Schedule a free consultation with Brianne to figure it out. 

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