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CBD Got Me Back Fast

Alright, it’s story time! 

I was recently on a hike in which I rolled my ankle. (Not the one I injured a year ago.) I am not surprised it happened because I could tell the hip on that side was not firing well and therefore the foot and ankle were not as controlled. I was in the process of figuring out why the hip wasn’t responding properly, but hadn’t fully figured it out yet when the injury was sustained. It was a minor roll and I was able to walk it off easily enough and finish the hike without continued pain or any further issues. 

When I was able to get off my feet, though, different story! I had a 30minute drive once off the mountain and when I stepped out of my vehicle, my foot was not feeling good – pain with each step. Within a couple hours, I was unable to take full step and did not like putting full weight on it. 

Being that I was out of town, I did not have access to all my ‘tools’ at home, so the plan of attack was gentle range of motion exercises to keep the mobility, Epsom salt soak, and extra CBD (I had one extra capsule with me – OK, technically it was the one for the next morning, but I was heading home in the morning and could take one when I got back). I went to bed with a very stiff and sore foot, knowing stepping out of bed in the morning was not going to be very enjoyable after it had an entire night to stiffen up further. 

Morning came, I sat on the edge of the bed, and stood up. To my surprise, the pain was minimal. I could take a normal step with very little discomfort. I found that moving quickly or pivoting was not great, but normal walking I could do without difficulty. I was shocked! 

I doubled up my CBD again that day and felt even better the following day. In fact, within 2 days, I was running and jumping again without pain and everything in the foot and ankle felt solid. 

I have taken CBD for nearly 4 years now to improve my sleep and post-workout recovery, but it was not until very recently that someone told me to double up my CBD for any sort of injury, so I hadn’t ever tested that before. It was really cool to experience what it can do for calming down inflammation and speeding up recovery from injury! 

Now, something to be aware of when it comes to CBD: With the saturation of CBD on the market, you do need to do your homework to ensure your CBD is a quality product. I recently did an interview on my podcast about how to know if your CBD is high quality. You can check that out on Highly Functional Episode 134 – Clearing Up The Confusion Around CBD. 

And just so we are clear, CBD was not the only thing I did. I still did the other things to get my body functioning at 100% again – I needled my foot, ankle, and hip muscles to get them firing normally again, cupped my peroneals to reduce the restrictions, and saw my sports chiropractor to unlock anything that had gotten stuck in the foot, hip, and pelvis from the incident. Just because the pain was gone did not mean that the body was moving properly and without compensations. 

If you are curious and want to check it out, the product I use is Venga CBD Ultra Gels, which is made by athletes, created for athletes, and is highly tested for quality control. If you want to improve your athletic performance AND help resolve injuries faster, I highly encourage you to check it out. 

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