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How Do You Know What To Believe

When you search for answers on what to do for your injury, you find so many different answers regardless of who you talk to – clinicians, coaches, friends, online searches, blogs and articles, etc. And every person is adamant their answer is the right one. It’s madness!

It gets so confusing. How do you know what to listen to?

Short answer: You don’t!

Long answer: Do what works for you!

A common answer to resolving injuries when you search online or see a clinician is to stretch and ice. So, you do that. For some people, it works great and everything resolves. For others, it does not. And yet, because that is what they were told to do by everyone else, they continue doing it even though no results are seen.

Another common answer is to do strengthening exercises. You get exercises from a clinician or coach you are working with or do a search online. Sometimes, the exercises are spot on and resolve your issues. Other times, the issues do not resolve. But once again, you continue doing them hoping they will eventually help.

And then you talk to someone who has completely different thinking. The person tells you to stop stretching and icing because those aren’t helping you, even though that is what people have been saying to do for injuries for years. You are told to stop the exercises you are doing because they are not helping you even though that is what all your research has shown you to do. You are told to you need to start doing things with your feet and that will fix your problem. You are told you have movement patterns from years of compensations that are creating your issues and need fixed. It all sounds crazy because no one else has ever said this to you. It sounds difficult and time consuming and you have already spent enough time and energy on this issue. You really are not sure what to think about it or if you should invest your time, energy, and money into something like this.

As much as you want the one thing that will fix your problem, there is not one simple answer on what to do. What I can say, though, is if what you are doing is not working, it is time to find something else to do. It does not just need more time. If you are doing the right exercises for your issue, you should see some sort of results within a week or two.

If all the mainstream ideas are not working, maybe it’s time to go with the ‘outside the box’ thinker and do something completely different than what most are telling you to do. It may seem ‘odd’ and ‘out there’, but maybe that’s exactly what you need!

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