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The Real Solution To Your Pain

Your back pain is not a back issue.

Your shoulder pain is not a shoulder issue.

Your foot pain is not a foot issue.

Are you sensing a pattern here? You should! It is time to stop blaming the machine (your body) and time to start putting the fault where it belongs – the programming!

Yes, I fully understand that your x-ray and MRI show damage. And yes, I fully understand that you have a flat foot. But I also know there are millions of people walking around on this earth with the same exact issues who do not have pain.

The pain you are experiencing is a symptom. The damage in the joint is a symptom. The flat feet are a symptom.

The movement patterns (aka programming) you have been moving through for years, or perhaps decades, are the cause. The reason your symptoms have not gone away after all this time of doing all the normal ‘things’ is because all those things have simply addressed the symptoms, not the cause. If you want to break the injury cycle, it is necessary to address the cause.

We spend the majority of our lives moving poorly – carrying heavy backpacks as kids, sitting with crappy posture (since we all know we didn’t listen to our teachers or parents when they told us to stop slouching), slumping over devices, putting our feet in coffins (aka shoes), running and squatting however our body decides is ‘correct’, etc.

We also pick up bad movement patterns from watching our parents without realizing it. (It is amazing how often I see teenagers with their parents at the gym and watch them move in almost identical patterns to each other.)

The decades of moving improperly is what ultimately results in the body experiencing pain. Most often, if you change the programming and teach the body to move differently, the pain goes away. Many times, if you opt to have surgery for the quick fix, issues continue to develop over the years because you never addressed the cause, you only addressed the symptom. And even if surgery is necessary, issues still often develop again because the compensations were never addressed properly in rehab after.

If you want to end your pain, change the programming of your body!

It is that simple…ok, kind of simple. Re-programming how your body moves is hard, frustrating work. But if you are willing to put in the work, it is worth every minute and dollar spent! In all honesty, because moving better will resolve so many issues, by learning to move better you save a lot of time, money, frustration, and sanity in the end! And as we know, your mental health is a HUGE deal!

Do you know you need to do something different, but not sure what? Let’s chat! Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Brianne to figure out what you can do to solve your movement problems.


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