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It Is OK To Take The Easy Path Sometimes

It is not uncommon for me to talk with someone who is working to correct their running technique on their own due to injuries. The method tends to be either 1) search online for running drills and do whatever random things they find, or 2) think about what they are doing each and every step they run. 

There are reasons neither method is very successful. For the first method, you are not taking time to figure out what is wrong with your running technique. You are simply doing a lot of things and hoping something works. You may get lucky and find something that does, but more often than not, you do not get lucky. I have worked with a lot of people who wasted months doing that method first without results. 

And while the second method might work if the issue is simply an overstriding issue, do you really want to be thinking that much while you are running? And if you do want to think, I am sure you want to be thinking about other things and not what your body is doing with every step. Most times, though, this method does not work either because there is more going on than just how the foot is hitting the ground. We also have to look at what the foot, knee, hips, pelvis, and torso are doing throughout the movement. So much goes into how we run besides just whether you are heel striking or not. 

If you want to correct how you are running sooner rather than later, there is an easier way. 

What is it? Working with someone who can help you to re-train your body appropriately and give you the things that your body needs. 

Strength exercises 

While having overall strength is great, you may be wasting your time…sort of. 

Our bodies are great and compensating for weaknesses or created habits. If you are strengthening through these compensation patterns, you are continuing to strengthen the compensations. You will never break out of those patterns if you do not learn how to correct the patterns. And often times we do not realize the compensations we are making, myself included. I have my own coaches for this exact reason. 

It is possible you are also not addressing the issues that need to be addressed with your strength exercises. If you think it is one thing and it is actually another, it will not matter how much strengthening you do. For example, I find people doing a lot of calf strengthening in attempt to resolve issues because that tends to be the go-to muscle group, but they often need to strengthen other muscles in the lower leg and foot instead. 

Running technique drills 

Stop thinking so much when you run! Or at least, stop thinking about how you are running. You can still think about all the life and business stuff you want while you run. 

Correcting running technique does not need to be as difficult and thought provoking as you may think. By doing running drills based on your running technique faults, you can re-train the body how to move without thinking about what you are doing on each step you take. 

Your thinking method may work, but you will also have to think about it every single time you go out to run. If you plan to run for decades to come, that could be a long time of thinking! If you do drills to re-train your body and your running technique, the change will come much faster and will come without having to think about it. 

Although we all like to challenge ourselves and that is how we grow, sometimes it is OK to take the easy way instead of the hard way. I used to always do things the hard way by attempting to figure everything out on my own. I have come to realize that working with people who know the answers brings results much faster…and easier! Training your body to move better is one area where I will suggest you take the easy path instead of the hard path. 

Ready to stop doing things the hard way and instead get faster results! Schedule a Discovery Call to get the help you are looking for. 

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