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Free Online Masterclass

Discover An Innovative 3-Step System That Helps Runners With Foot And Ankle Issues Get Back To Racing…
And Shave Minutes Off Your Time In The Process…
without taking time off, doing exercises that don’t work,
or wearing uncomfortable orthotics

In this Masterclass, I’ll share:

  • A great strategy for runners who want to get back on the roads and trails faster…and minimize risk of future injury
  • How runners can do all the ‘right exercises’ and still not get back on the roads and trails
  • Why many runners do not need orthotics…even if the doctor said so
  • Think glute and calf exercises are the answer? Wrong! This often missed area is the key to getting back out there
  • ​The interesting reason why recovering runners may have a hard time returning…and how to avoid it
Brianne Showman, PT, DPT
Running Technique Specialist
Functional Movement Specialist
Barefoot Training Specialist
Brianne is most well known for helping chronically injured runners with foot and ankle issues to get back to training and racing without pain.  She does this by getting to the root of the problem and addressing those issues rather than only treating the symptoms.
This is for the chronically injured runner with foot and ankle issues who wants to get back to racing.