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We choose to only partner with companies that we absolutely love for what they do for our bodies and our performance. Check out these great companies that have partnered with Get Your Fix and the Highly Functional Podcast!

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes are a minimalist shoe company.  These shoes are designed in a way to let your feet work like they were meant to work.  They have a wide range of shoes and designs to suit all your footwear needs.

Because of their design, Xero Shoes has a 5000 mile guarantee.

Visit Xero Shoes to check out their designs.

(I am proud to be a Xero Shoes affiliate and may receive compensation for referring the Xero Shoes brand.)


Naboso Technology provides the first-ever small nerve proprioceptive insoles and mats designed to stimulate the nervous system and enhance movement.

Learn more at Naboso Technology. Use code GETYOURFIX at checkout to save 10%.

Venga CBD

CBD helps you recover from workouts more quickly, recover from injury more effectively, alleviate pain during competition or endurance training, and enhances your sleep.

Venga CBD is engineered by athletes, for athletes.  They use a nano emulsion technology to allow the CBD to be absorbed into your system better than most products. Their products are highly tested to ensure they are high quality and THC free.

Check out all the amazing products at Venga CBD.  Use code GETYOURFIX at checkout to save 20%.


OS1st Bracing

OS1st has a breakthrough technology that delivers medical grade support in sleek and powerful performance bracing sleeves, providing precise graduated compression that surrounds joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments with anatomically correct zones for enhanced circulation, to support and stabilize joint structure, and to speed recovery.

See all the compression and bracing options at OS1st. Use code GETYOURFIX at checkout to save 15%.


Power Insole

PowerInsole is not an insole like you think. It is a small pad that goes inside your shoes to help improve your performance and recovery. It is pretty amazing if you ask me!

Head over to PowerInsole to learn more about how it works. Use code GETYOURFIX at checkout to save 10%.


Focus Calm

FocusCalm is an innovative technology that helps you learn how to focus and calm your mind in performance situations!

Head over to FocusCalm to learn more about how it works. Use code GETYOURFIX at checkout to save 10%.


ACTIV Eyewear

Activ Eyewear has done an amazing job with their glasses. Their Ones Series are created to be worn for activity and let me tell you, they stay put! No matter what I am doing, they stay in place on my face. And I absolutely love their Signature Series glasses as well for casual times. Super comfortable and functional!

Head over to Activ Eyewear to check out all their styles and pick some up for yourself. Use code GETYOURFIX at checkout to save 10%.


True Nutrition

True Nutrition has a wide variety of premixed and fully customized supplement options as well as smoothie and oatmeal selections.

Create your own supplement, smoothie, or oatmeal at True Nutrition. Use code GYF at checkout to save 5%.



Equip Foods supplements are made from actual food products.  No chemicals, no fillers, no artifical anything.

Visit Equip Foods to see their wide variety of wellness and performance products and use code FIX15 at checkout to save 15%.