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Precision Running Form Lab

IMPROVE how you run so you can break out of your injury cycle and get back to doing what you love to do!

Why is running important to you?
Mental health?
Social time?
To set an example for your kids?
To set and accomplish personal goals?
To challenge yourself?
For the enjoyment factor?
Something else?
Whatever the reason is, THAT is the reason you need to be in the Precision Running Form Lab!

How does this Changing running form work?

3 StaGes of Precision Running
Stage 1: Breaking The Brain
Breaking your body out of the movement patterns it is stuck in
Stage 2: Retraining The Brain
Developing new motor patterns and motor control
Stage 3: Rewriting The Code
Creating new habits and setting in new movement patterns

What the program looks like

Included in the precision running form lab:
8 week program (starting AUG 31)
Before and after running analysis
4 group coaching calls
weekly programming of running drills and strength exercises (videos included)
Private messaging group to ask questions, share wins or frustrations, and have accountability

Time to get in!

Precision Running Form Lab

Next group session starts oct 12
(payment plan options available)