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Tim S

I wish i would have done this years ago. I don’t know why i waited.

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Desmonde B

The greatest impact I have had is learning how to read, analyze, and understand my body and apply that to my training. Not only has brianne helped me to reach my short term goals, but she also empowered me to use this information for the rest of my life.

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Shelly V

She has an incredible eye for running mechanics. Every session I feel motivated knowing I have new things to work on. I spent so much time and money in other directions; if i could do it all over again and start with brianne, i would.

Eric D

She helped me engage different muscles that I hadn’t been using, which was very impactful for both the recovery and my performance. Her running coaching has also improved my sustainability as a runner and my overall pace.

Heather H

Before starting the Empowered Runner program I was dealing with nagging pain in my feet, ankles and up the outside of my lower legs. Although the pain would abate over time with rest, ice and anti-inflammatories, it returned as soon as I resumed running. I was fitted with orthotics, but they seemed to do more harm than good. Nothing I was doing seemed to provide a permanent solution and the pain was making it very difficult to train for and participate in the obstacle courses races that I love.

After 3 months, I am now able to run approximately 3 miles pain free and am beginning to ramp up distance in preparation for this race season. My running speed has improved, my balance is better and I feel much stronger in general when running. I have incorporated many of the balance and strength/stability exercises I have learned from the program into my regular training regimen and am confident that I will be able to ramp up my distance for the longer races while remaining pain free.

I think the most impactful thing was helping me to understand the importance of balance when running, and then providing exercises which strengthened my stabilizer muscles while also helping me to focus on and attain better balance when running.

Justin B

I was never a big runner and I would do it on and off over the years when I got into physical fitness because I always had a liking for endurance. So about 2.5 years ago, myself and a few people I train with decided to sign up for our first Spartan Sprint OCR race. I took a few months to work on my distance running before the race and got a little better. So race day came, I finished, and I knew right then and there that OCR was gonna be my hobby from there on out. I train at an OCR simulation gym several days a week and running is one thing we do a lot of. Over time I noticed that I would have foot, ankle, and knee pain that would come and go, which I just attributed to training as I don’t have any joint issues and no prior joint injuries. I would rest, let it heal, then get right back at it and again it would gradually come back then fade again. I was fitted for running shoes and orthotics, trying many brands and would have the same results. I would constantly see posts by Brianne on her Get Your Fix Physical Therapy and Performance Facebook page about how important running form is as well as the injuries that can occur by having poor form. So I decided to reach out and take on the running program that brought me to where I’m currently at.

I love learning about the science behind things and I never knew the dynamic science that goes into the human feet and toes. Again, I was never conscious about it either and now I’m engaging my whole foot and my toes at the right times, not only while running but I notice it while I’m walking as well. I’ve just about equally strengthened both my left and right lower extremities so I don’t over-compensate anymore. I realized I don’t “pound” my feet with a heavy foot while running anymore either.

One of the biggest and personally, I think most important techniques that Brianne instills in you is balance! Yes, it sounds like a simple thing but when it comes down to it, we don’t realize how much we actually lack proper balance until we need it or realize we don’t have it which then equates to how proper or improper our form is. With proper balance comes much needed strength that we don’t always realize we lack. It takes the right strength and even more important the right coach to teach you the right way! I’ve actually found myself showing other fellow athletes in class some of the skills I’ve learned from Brianne and how they apply to our everyday training. This knowledge is gold and I look forward to taking my newfound knowledge to keep on pushing forward and progressing as I take on the OCR world!

John T

How John became stronger, faster, and fell in love with running…

Trevor C

How Trevor resolved his knee pain and hit new PRs…

Mike D

“I asked for help with my running technique.  After I shared my videos with Brianne, she was able to identify some areas of improvement.  After I followed her suggested exercises I noticed an improvement in my running.  I am much less likely to twist my right ankle.  I run with a lot more confidence.  Thank you so much.”

Pat G

“Brianne is awesome!  I am flat-footed and pronate, which causes a great deal of pain in my feet when doing impact sports or anything that causes my feet to flex while working out.  For years I’ve suffered and would often have to take my shoes off during workouts to get through them.  Brianne told me that she could work with me to help me overcome this and I got to admit I was skeptical.  I started seeing her and she taught me some exercises for me to use with my feet, legs, and glutes to strengthen and engage them.  Again I was skeptical but started dong them regularly.  I am amazed that my foot pain has reduced significantly.  My double unders have improved and my back squat as well.”