John T

How John became stronger, faster, and fell in love with running…

Trevor C

How Trevor resolved his knee pain and hit new PRs…

Trey K

“After months of pain in my knee while running, I was referred to Bri by a mutual friend.  Bri and I operated remotely for several months while she provided videos directed at strengthening my knee and helping me slowly regain my ability to run.  Since reaching full mobility, my mile time has drastically improved and I couldn’t be happier.  Would highly recommend to athletes of all shapes, ages, and size!”

Mike W

“Bri helped me to recover from a very painful grade 2 hamstring injury.  I knew I was going to need some help to make sure that I could add running back in to my crossfit training as soon as possible.  Bri performed several sessions of dry needling, scraping, and exercises to speed the healing process and help prevent re-injury.  I am grateful for the help and I am at full strength!”

Cassidi K

“I’ve got to give a MASSIVE shoutout to Brianne Showman!!  Strict HSPU’s have been my absolute nemesis for years.  I have NEVER gotten a single one, ever.  On Friday, she showed me some different positioning and drills to work on.  I did them all weekend and voila!  Today I got 3 strict HSPU’s in the workout!!  Thank you so much Brianne!  I may have done a couple happy dances this morning!”

Mike D

“I asked for help with my running technique.  After I shared my videos with Brianne, she was able to identify some areas of improvement.  After I followed her suggested exercises I noticed an improvement in my running.  I am much less likely to twist my right ankle.  I run with a lot more confidence.  Thank you so much.”

Pat G

“Bri is awesome!  I am flat-footed and pronate, which causes a great deal of pain in my feet when doing impact sports or anything that causes my feet to flex while working out.  For years I’ve suffered and would often have to take my shoes off during workouts to get through them.  Bri told me that she could work with me to help me overcome this and I got to admit I was skeptical.  I started seeing her and she taught me some exercises for me to use with my feet, legs, and glutes to strengthen and engage them.  Again I was skeptical but started dong them regularly.  I am amazed tha tmy foot pain has reduced signficantly and I haven’t had to remove  my shoes for working out once since I started this regimen.  My double unders have improved and my back squat as well. Thanks Bri!”

Michael T

“I have been working with Brianne for about 4 months no and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone.  Her constant communication asking how I am doing, her passion, knowledge of Crossfit makes working with her a blast.  She has helped me with back and shoulder issues.  I am getting better and stronger because of what she’s taught me.”

Massoud A

“Brianne is amazing and I highly recommend her.  She’s a consummate professional and highly knowledgeable.  I’m an active athlete and have had multiple injuries.  Each time, Brianne thoroughly examined me followed by precise diagnosis and treatment.  I’m grateful to know Brianne and trust her to guide me through any physical therapy challenge.”

Amanda K

“Quick Dr. Brianne Showman shoutout – she reached out to me a few months ago and has been a miracle worker.  I thought I would be hurting forever and was going to throw in the towel of hope, but through her and her expertise, I’m grateful to move ahead towards achieving some goals I have.  Thanks Get Your Fix Physical Therapy and Performance!”

Caitlin C

“I contacted Bri after tweaking my MCL which led to a severe sprain a few days later.  I was in pain, but wanted to keep training.  Bri’s knowledge and experience led to a recovery plan that fit my lifestyle and training.  Not only was she there for our appointments that she fit around my schedule, but she was available outside those times for any questions or concerns I had.  Not only is my knee stronger than before, but Bri helped me target some weaknesses that have been inhibiting my movement patterns.  Highly recommend as prehab is far better than rehab!”

Bekah T

“I have been working with Bri for several months now.  She has helped me in so many ways.  She has treated by shoulder, back, and any other weird symptoms I may have.  She understands the body and knows how to locate the source of the issue instead of just treating a symptom.  Not only has she helped me in physical therapy but she also spends time during my session helping me improve my form for lifting and other aspects of crossfit.  I highly recommend her services.”